Maggies Movies Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough – Guide For Android & iOS !!!

Game Description:

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name’s Maggie, and I’m an aspiring movie director! Can you help me follow my dream and make it in the world of showbiz?

Growing up in my grandfather’s theater, I always had one dream – to become a movie director, and start making movies! Recently I got a job as a production assistant on the set of a real Hollywood movie called “Waves of Love”. Will this be my big break?

HELP ME (Maggie!) FOLLOW MY DREAM and make it as a movie director in Hollywood
PLAY THROUGH 93 ENTERTAINING TIME MANAGEMENT LEVELS, consisting of 72 story levels and 21 challenge levels
HANDLE BEHIND THE SCENES DRAMA and deal with envious colleagues, celebrity divas, and other showstoppers!
DISCOVER 6 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS like my grandfather’s theater, movie sets, and Hollywood parties
FILM AND DIRECT MY MOVIE and take care of the actors, the director, the dressing room and the make-up station
MEET A WIDE VARIETY OF INTERESTING CHARACTERS as I find out who my true friends are
EARN ALL THE TROPHIES to ensure everyone will be at the premiere of my first movie
COLLECT DIAMONDS to unlock famous movie memorabilia. Do you recognize them all?

Are you ready for the lights, the camera, and the action?

I’ve made it to Hollywood! I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen! This is what I’ve always dreamed of, and I can’t wait to make my grandfather proud. It was hard to leave him and his theater behind, but I have to follow my dream.

Becoming a director will be hard though. I have a feeling some colleagues will do whatever it takes to make it here… And these celebrity actors! So many divas, and some who are almost impossible to satisfy. I’m not planning on changing, though. I’m gonna stick to my beliefs, the way my grandfather taught me.

With your help, I’m sure I can overcome all this drama behind the scenes and get my show on the road. Together, we’re going to prove I have what it takes to reach for the stars!

Are you up for the role of a lifetime? Help me stay true to myself in this blockbuster time management game!

Points and Profits

  • Focuses are your ticket to stars, those pined for identifications that show exactly how great you are. The point objectives for one, two, and three stars in each level expands the more you play. It begins off in the hundreds, however a little while later you’ll need to round up a huge number of focuses only for the base. Each little increment tallies, so never leave behind an open door for more focuses.
  • The quickest approach to gain indicates is go for combos. In the event that a client isn’t in a surge, hold up a couple of minutes to check whether another person strolls in. Doing likewise activity a few times in succession, for example, conveying requests to various individuals or getting the money for out a few clients at any given moment, is definitely justified even despite a conceivable lost tolerance point.
  • Liquidating clients out or punching their tickets to enter the performance center are prime regions for scoring combos. Sit tight for a few people to arrange, at that point click for a major reward.
  • Conveying a client’s whole request in one excursion wins you five additional focuses per individual. Unless a client is going to lose their understanding and tempest out, don’t try conveying halfway requests.
  • Conveying a request to a client a couple of moments after they arrive is an awesome approach to catch ten additional focuses. For greatest scorage, have a go at stacking the fast and full request rewards with everybody who strolls in. It’s not as troublesome as it sounds, and it pays off toward the finish of the business day.
  • In stages where you help with shooting film scenes, don’t disregard the on-screen characters or the chief. Not exclusively do you get focuses for dispatching their requests, you additionally get an expanding ten point remunerate for every scene you effectively entire. That is ten focuses for the main scene, 20 for the second, 30 for the third, et cetera.
  • Ensure you clean each station before the finish of the day. Spots like changing areas and tables with a shout stamp over them require your consideration, and if everything is perfect when the clock runs out, you’ll win a cool 30 point “all spotless” reward.

Taking Care of Business

  • Maggie gets money tips for provoke benefit. To augment the cash she gets, take after the focuses direct above and your handbag will never go purge.
  • Utilizing things a specific number of times will open overhauls. Continuously actuate them toward the start of the following stage, as they offer additional tip cash or are speedier to use than bring down positioned things.
  • Spend your money at each open door. Check the shop before you begin a phase and purchase all that you can bear. The rewards they offer may appear to be negligible, however they signify be a tremendous help when there’s no other option.

Additional! Additional!

  • There are huge amounts of accomplishments to open in Maggie’s Movies. One of the more undercover ones includes setting up a request before a client has decided. To get this one ahead of schedule in the amusement, sit tight for a customer to remain by the closet window ornaments, at that point tap on the dress immediately. Their request will dependably incorporate a dress, so you’ll open the accomplishment without attempting.
  • You aren’t punished for fizzling discretionary level objectives, those little difficulties that appear at the upper right corner of the screen. It’s justified regardless of your opportunity to finish them at whatever point you can, however don’t give that a chance to occupy you from your clients.
  • To be a genuine completionist, look for the mouse in each level. You’ll hear a calm squeak amid play, and soon thereafter you should stop what you’re doing and scour the screen for that grinning dark face. On the off chance that you miss it the first run through, don’t stress, you get a couple of chances before the finish of the day.

That’s all in this tutorial. Hope you guys like it. If you have any questions or queries, please ask in the comments section below. Thank you.

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