My NBA 2K18 Game Tips, Guide, Tricks, Walkthrough – Android/iOS Platform

Game Description:

The companion app for the award-winning NBA 2K franchise is back, with MyNBA2K18. Packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K18 from your mobile device and daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, MyNBA2K18 makes it easier for you to stay in touch with NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One. MyNBA2K18 also includes the collectible NBA 2K themed card game, MyTEAM Mobile, which allows players to collect their favorite NBA player cards and legends to challenge other competitors across the world in quick games, playoff tournaments, and in-game special events. This year’s iteration includes brand new cards, daily objectives that earn great rewards, new ways to improve your cards and new team incentives!


• Integration with NBA 2K18:
o Facial Scanning with your mobile device to get YOU in NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One
o Earn Virtual Currency daily
o Shop for console items while on the go from expanded MyPLAYER Store
o Watch 2KTV any time from your device.
• Many ways to play with Quick Game, Playoff, and PVP game modes
• Daily Objectives – complete each day for in-game rewards
• Team Login Incentives – Login daily to earn team packs to distribute to teammates
• Over 300 new cards for the NBA’s 2017-2018 season

General Tips

  • Fight the temptation to simply utilize all your most loved players on your group, and work on setting the correct sort of individuals in the correct positions. Take a gander at your cards and see which positions are best for them, before relegating them. That way, you get a lift in your details which can have a significant effect when you’re playing. You’ll additionally acquire vitality in playoff matches.
  • Remember to sign in consistently. Every day, you get a free card pack. Sign in for four days in succession, and you get an uncommon pack of cards. Figured out how to sign in for 20 days in succession? You get a tip top pack! Not terrible, isn’t that so?
  • You can purchase back any packs you missed for around 100 coins, yet that can get costly, so dependably discover an opportunity to sign in. It’ll take you strict seconds to accomplish, and soon includes.
  • My NBA 2K18 offers a visit room office which may sound somewhat dull yet can really help you a great deal. It’s normally genuinely dynamic with individuals examining things and you may get the hang of something valuable. Or, on the other hand basically have fun visiting.

Building Your Team

  • Concentrate on building a decent center group as opposed to just gathering huge amounts of various cards.
  • Keep in mind that you can give up some of your feeble cards to step up your better cards. Go to MyCards and see what cards you have before tapping on the one you need to level up and hitting the Train catch. Utilize whatever cards are going extra and look as your most loved players enhance altogether.
  • Got two duplicates of a similar player at greatest level? Amazing. You can consolidate them to make a “Genius” form of your person. It will take you a while to get this far yet this is the perfect situation, as Pro players have way better details.

Gaining More Money

  • Play whatever number Quick Games as could be allowed. You’ll procure money along these lines which can be utilized to tweak your players.
  • The virtual cash included is utilized to open garments, shoes, and different things in MyCareer. It’s enjoyable to work towards them.
  • Interface the amusement to your PSN or Xbox Live record and you can procure free cash along these lines as well.
  • Keep in mind the Mission Tasks. Every day, you have new goals to work towards, winning you tickets which can be utilized to purchase new card packs. Put something aside for the packs that give you uncommon cards.

Keep in mind Facial Scan

  • Alright, so this won’t enhance how well you do in My NBA 2K18, yet you can filter your face and afterward utilize it in the primary amusement. Ensure your face is clear of diversions like glasses, your shirt neckline or whatever else that could act as a burden. That is the way to the most exact looking photographs to use as your face in diversion.

Well people, that is just for now. Trust this guide helps you in beginning to My NBA 2K18 or for the general population who have begun playing, trust this guide helps them. It would be ideal if you remark beneath for any inquiries, questions or inputs. See ya.

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